Qualia Partners With Roar To Bring Quality Infotainment To Taxis


 In today’s fast-paced world, it is no surprise that brands are always searching for new mediums to positively connect with their target audiences on a daily basis and to exhibit and promote their products and services.

Qualia is a transit media company that offers a solution that is both progressive and different from traditional media.

Founded in 2017, their main platform is a unified fleet of taxis that are constantly monitored via GPS.

To everyday commuters in Sri Lanka, these vehicles represent a familiar mode of transport. To Qualia, they represent a blank canvas on which to efficiently advertise and inform passengers of the latest products and services of interesting brands.

Qualia initially explored the untapped potential of branding in taxis when they partnered with PickMe and gained access to their fleet of over 20,000 taxis, specifically to install tablets behind the driver’s seat to keep passengers entertained while travelling.

This collaboration offered brands an unprecedented opportunity to maximise their reach at a much lower cost and significantly increase brand awareness across a demographically diverse market.

It also offers passengers a more entertaining and informative travel experience. Interacting with the screens increases engagement between the consumer and the advertiser. The statistics and feedback developed from these interactions can be used by organisations, to better understand consumer behaviour and improve their products and services accordingly.

Roar Media is one of the first brands to partner with Qualia in this innovative endeavour. A new media company that specialises in covering all things Sri Lankan, Roar regularly produces interesting and informative pieces on various subjects pertinent to Sri Lanka, including current events, culture, history, tourism, wildlife, people, and much more, in ways that are simple and easy to digest.

On top of that, Roar also releases occasional humour pieces on certain cultural nuances in Sri Lanka, aiming to provide some much-needed comic relief to viewers.

As part of their partnership with Qualia, Roar’s videos will be on available in PickMe vehicles all around the country, keeping commuters updated on the goings-on in Sri Lanka while they travel.

The initiative has already yielded promising results for both Qualia and Roar, and further highlights the potential of Qualia’s innovative strategy to make the tuk-tuk more than just a humble transit vehicle.